Christopher Berner

3 minute read

I’ve been working on an autonomous hexacopter, which has a Pandaboard ES running Ubuntu on it, and I wanted it to setup its own wifi network in the field for easy ssh access. Turns out this is pretty simple to do, but you need to configure several different daemons to get it working right. 1. Check your wifi card You’ll need a wifi card that supports master mode, if you’re going to create an access point with it.

Christopher Berner

2 minute read

I just got my Orangutan SVP-1284, which uses the Atmega1284 processor. Getting your dev environment setup on Ubuntu is pretty easy: 1) Download the prerequisites you need ( sudo apt-get install avr-libc gcc-avr avra binutils-avr avrdude 2) Download the latest Pololu library from: 3) Extract the library, and install it. From the extracted directory run: sudo cp *.a /usr/lib/avr/lib/ && sudo cp -r pololu /usr/lib/avr/include/ 4) As of version 5.

Christopher Berner

1 minute read

Well, I’ve moved on from LEDs, and built a little robot. It’s powered by a 16MHz Atmel chip, and currently you have to hard code instructions into it, but I’m hoping to add wireless control soon. Your browser does not support the HTML5 video tag.